Going to Elle in a Handbasket

THE CHRONICLES OF GNAR-NINA Garcia (Photo: Getty Images)

Based on the latest round of innuendo surrounding fashion glossy Elle, it’s kind of a surprise the staff is able to put out a magazine at all. The main disturbance, of course, is the ongoing saga surrounding ousted fashion director and current (at least for now) Project Runway judge Nina Garcia. The latest, per WWD, is that Garcia has been offered a six-month editor-at-large contract that would keep her at Elle through the fifth season of PR, which ends in October. It’s unclear whether she’s accepted the offer, though a source tells WWD that she’s in talks with producers to stay on as judge even if she isn’t with the magazine. It’s also unclear what would happen if Garcia leaves Elle but the magazine decides to renew its contract with PR, though at this point, Garcia’s brand probably carries more weight with the show than does Elle‘s.

How WWD is actually getting their information is yet another source of tension.

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