God Hates Fakes

FAUX ‘MO? Davis

It’s the Web’s latest flash-in-the-pan viral video sensation: a gay-bashing ditty titled “The Bible Says” from a Houston-based Christian rock group called Evening Service. (It was most recently available here.) Most reactions to the song, whether angry or agreeable, have presumed its authenticity, but it’s looking more and more like this bit of hummable hate speech is just a cleverly-wrought hoax.

For those who haven’t been able to catch the clip before its Web hosts pulled it, the video features a self-avowed reformed homosexual named Donnie Davies belting out laughably offensive lyrics, all to the musical stylings of an ’80s-style hair band. (A sample: “Read the Bible/ You’ll be sure/ To enter heaven/ There’s no back door … ‘cuz God Hates a Fag.”)

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