Rudy Giuliani’s Nosedive


Goodbye, Rudy (super) Tuesday: Rudy Giuliani‘s poll numbers stumble in Florida, the state where he has spent the most time and money. New York numbers aren’t looking so great, either. Following a loss in the Sunshine State, Mr. 9/11 faces the possibility of not managing (heh) a single primary victory for his troubles.

Breast woman: With Elisabeth Hasselbeck‘s return, The View ladies can’t stop talking about boobies. Barbara sits in silence, cursing her evil creation.

Ain’t no use in cryin’: The Rolling Stones ditch record label EMI over concerns about the company’s new management. Mick and Co. will release their forthcoming album, Shine a Light, through Universal Music in March.

Oh, college: Stanford students criticize the Clinton campaign for alum Chelsea‘s secret, just-us-sorority-girls campaign stop early this week. “Chelsea’s mum appearance sponsored by the sorority system, a naturally exclusive institution that accepts and rejects candidates based on notoriously subjective qualifications, only perpetuates the major criticisms of the Clinton campaign,” writes one angry little cardinal still angry at Chelsea’s refusal to participate in the sorority system.

Words fail: Toymaker Hasbro serves a shutdown notice to Facebook over its Scrabulous feature, the social networking site’s ninth most popular application.

Pregnancy stick pass-off: Britney Spears photographed shopping for a home pregnancy test. OMG, this is so mirroring last week’s Gossip Girl finale. Fear not, public! Like Serena, Brit was just probably buying it for a slutty friend.

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” target=”_blank”>Wait, there’s more: Tom Cruise Scientology footage continues to flow, as Gawker posts a new clip of Maverick accepting a special Freedom Medal.

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