Giuliani Aide Has Reporter Arrested

Bad press: Rudy Giuliani‘s press guy has an independent reporter allegedly affiliated with CNN arrested on criminal trespassing charges at a news event—for asking a hard question and carrying a live webcam. Secret service gets involved. The reporter, Matt Lepacek, says he’s pursuing criminal indictments against Giuliani.

Costs two bills for two Bills: Harvard students hock free graduation tickets on Craigslist for as much as $200 to hear speakers Bill Clinton and Bill Gates.

Rave on!: Despite immediate dissatisfaction and a widespread petition to change the rave flyer-like 2012 Olympic logo, the seizure-inducing symbol of London’s Games is here to stay.

Independent woman: The Tyra Banks Show will move production from Los Angeles to New York, the city where Banks claims she “found [her] independence” as a young model. The “outspoken nature and energy of New York audiences and guests” will likely lead to more Vaseline episodes.

Terryhouse: If his pervy collected works featured in Terryworld are any indication, Terry Richardson should feel right at home in the perforated centerfold of Mark Healy’s “new” Penthouse.

How low can you go?: Tucked away behind a security barrier at the G8 conference in Germany, President Bush matches his all-time low approval in AP-Ipsos polls.

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