Gibson Saves Love, Kerry Kills Joke


Strange Love: AP reports that Courtney Love credits Mel Gibson with getting sober. “Mel kept coming to the door with this cheesy grin going, ‘Hi!’,” Love told Diane Sawyer. Eventually, the singer agreed to talk with addiction counselor Warren Boyd as Gibson took her drug buddies for a burger.

Comedy 101: First, be funny: John Kerry now says that when he told students they’d better study or else they’d “end up getting stuck in a war in Iraq. Just ask President Bush,” he was joking. Next time, he might want to hire a better joke writer.

100 million websites can’t be right: CNN reports that Internet monitoring service Netcraft has noted the existence of 100 million websites “with domain names and content on them,” up from 18,000 back in 1995 when the company began keeping track. At least half of those 100 million sites contain photos of adorable animals.

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