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Gervais Still Waiting On Those Office Props


The little fat man who sold his dream, Ricky Gervais, was at the Monday night Cinema Society screening of his latest film, Ghost Town, and it seems the hilarious British-born star is still pining for past-due Office respect. In particular, he’s ready for that damn American-version cameo already: “I think it would be perfect if Steve Carrel and the cast were watching an episode of Extras and he points at my character and says, ‘This guy is overacting. I could totally do a better remake of this show.'” Which of course Carrel can’t and hasn’t. So many layers!

Also on hand were co-stars Kristen Wiig and Greg Kinnear, the latter of whom was quick to undercut rumors that he can sometimes act a bit queer: “I follow Ricky’s philosophy on ghosts; I don’t believe in them. I also don’t believe in fairies or gnomes. Although, I do think the tooth fairy is real. I’m sure somewhere there’s a man who puts money under small children’s pillows for their teeth.” Which is just weird to say, Greg, even if it is true.

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