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Raver Fashion: Feel It Coming On?

PINK HAIR It doesn’t matter if you have a colorful personality, pink hair only looks enchanting on Natalia Vodianova (left).

Get your glowsticks ready—for better or for worse, twinky, tacky raver fashion is coming back. Be it in East London or New York’s Lower East Side, the trendsetting youths are dressing up as if it’s 1994 again. And no, it’s not like those suburban rave parties with muffin-topped freshman chicks in DayGlo necklaces making out. According to the British Sunday Times, the hip and the beautiful people are doing it too:

“New rave is a second coming: not just a throwback to the lawless euphoria of its golden age, but an aesthetic focus for a new generation of club kids, artists, fashion students and night-time celebrities who just want to dress up and get down.”

Inspired by the London club scene, international fashion phenomenon (and Donatella Versace‘s protégé) Christopher Kane has been showing fluorescent mini dresses that received rave reviews. But before your run off to change into your UFO overalls and lime goggles, Radar reminds you that every peak has its low, especially in raver fashion.

[Photographic proof of the dangers of ravewear after the jump]

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