Russia to End Advance in Georgia

SLAV TO LOVE Russian Prez Medvedev

Oh that? We’re all finished!: Puppet-like Russian Prez Dmitri Medvedev has ordered that Russia’s military operations in Georgia halt, but fighting on the ground continues and he doesn’t say when troops will pull out.

Backlash?: A Russian invasion is also causing problems on the French and Italian Rivieras. Way to stay current, Page Six!

Elephantitis: In a wink to her train-wreck performance last year, Britney Spears appears in promos for the MTV’s Video Music Awards. The promos also feature this year’s host, Russell Brand, and a big elephant in the room. No, really, there’s actually an elephant on the room.

CLICK HERE, IT’S EASY: Getting out of the house; Pelosi’s challenger; shark vs. bear, oh yeah!; Zara takes over!

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