Rock Song Misappropriation Laid Bare


Regarding our earlier “Don’t Play Me Bro” piece, Radar contributor Nick Curran has alerted us to yet another instance of a rock anthem being swiped by President Bush against the wishes of the musician. “Remember the song ‘Still the One’?” The guy who wrote it [John Hall, the coy, beardy one in the center of the above photo] did not like when Bush used it during the 2004 campaign and made a big stink about it. Two years later, that same guy ran against—and defeated—the member of Congress I was working for.”

Curran assures Radar editors that he’s gotten past the embarrassment of losing to a man responsible for some pretty horrible soft rock, not to mention one of the worst album covers of all time. “Just because a continuous mental loop of ‘Dance with Me’ has been privately taunting me for over a year doesn’t mean I’m not over it. I totally am. Sure, it was a tough at first. But the imaginary buck-toothed hippie who hasn’t left my side since election night 2006 has finally convinced me that there’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

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