Hollywood Braces for Hooker Scandal


Hookers do the darndest things: Like accidentally CCing their entire client list in a chat about a pricey rendezvous. And who pays the price? High-profile Hollywood sorts! Wait, isn’t Ashley Dupré out there right now?

Morgan, a free man: A few days after he was involved in a car crash, Morgan Freeman and his wife, costumer Myrna Colley-Lee, file for divorce.

Party like a rock star: Debonair actor George Clooney, who endorsed Obama early last year, will be hosting a fundraiser for the “rock star” in Switzerland. Terrorist fist jabs all around!

He/Suede rocked it?: Project Runway‘s blue-coiffed contestant may not actually talk in the third person off camera. But that trademark shiny-eyed gay-face pout? No acting there.

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