Rove Sparks Up at Bush Concert

A little Friday gift to end the week, as video of President Bush singing at last weekend’s Gridiron dinner finally makes it to YouTube. While you can’t make see much of the pres in the shaky vid, his off-key serenade can be heard loud and clear. That, and enthusiastic chuckles and chortles as the dinner guests find Bushie’s song absolutely hee-lar-i-ous. The other night, Hardball-er Chris Matthews got pissy about the laughter, saying there was “nothing funny” about the song, which spoofed “The Green Green Grass of Home” and referenced the Scooter Libby scandal.

But, wait. Look closely. Is that Rove holding up a lighter at the end?! That, if nothing else, is funny.

The full lyrics to the song, per the New York Times after the jump.

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