Gennifer Flowers Hawking Clinton Affair Tapes

THREE’S COMPANY Flowers, Clintons

Flowers power: Seasoned hussy Gennifer Flowers continues to exploit John McCain‘s maybe-scandal, announcing plans to put tapes documenting her 12-year relationship with Bill Clinton on the block. Flowers adds: “I don’t need to hurt Hillary. She is doing a fine job of that herself, along with her idiot husband. Karma is an interesting thing. If these two don’t get elected, and they are a team, it will be karma coming back to visit them.” Bitter much?

Not-so high bidder: We knew it would come to this. Veronica Hearst sold her Palm Beach mansion at a foreclosure auction on Monday. Villa Venezia, once listed for $27 million, went for just $22 million.

Flesh for fantasy: Jailed college coed videographer Joe Francis‘s much discussed Girls Gone Wild mag finally gets a due-date: April 2008.

PLUS: Mike Huckabee likes life, Karl Rove hates 60 Minutes, and what antidepressants don’t do (HINT: work).

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