It’s King’s World, You Just Live in it


You don’t interrupt Oprah sidekick Gayle King—not when she’s emceeing, and definitely not when she’s having a hot flash. King, speaking at diet doc Mehmet Oz‘s inaugural HealthCorps fundraiser last night in Manhattan, scolded the noisy crowd when she was trying to tell a story, saying, “See, I’m so surprised, ’cause I know you guys are educated, smart people. That’s why I don’t get the rudeness in the room. I don’t get it! I don’t get it. I don’t get it.”

And, what precious gem was she imparting that demanded each and every audience member’s total focus? Among other medical insights, she offered, “Hot flashes come at the most inopportune times!” Then made a joke at the expense of New York City Council Majority Leader Joe Rivera (and Oprah): “Joe said something very interesting that I never hear a man publicly say … ‘You know, the other day I was watching Oprah!'”

King wouldn’t comment to reporters about being a replacement choice on The View.

Photo: Getty Images

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