Gawker Takes One-Sided Feud to Times

BUT, BUT … Gould

Today, the New York Times—aka the newspaper of record, aka the most influential news outlet on Earth—devotes some prime real estate on its Op-Ed page to an important cause: score-settling between a 25-year-old gossip blogger and a late-night comedian.

Nearly a month after Jimmy Kimmel lit into her on Larry King Live, the Times has given Gawker’s Emily Gould a much-needed platform to defend herself. Previously, the dewy one’s only avenues for recourse were Fox News’s RedEye, where she said Kimmel can “eat me,” and the website she co-edits, where Gould sternly instructs her readers not to make fun of the way she looks when she goes on RedEye to tell Jimmy Kimmel to eat her.

Oh, yes, and there’s also her personal blog, though that seems to be reserved for gloating.

We have to ask, though: If you’re the only one still arguing, does that really mean you won?

Kimmel Gives Gawker Gal Crazyface

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