Vomitless Thompson Chalks Up Success

Political columnist Roger Simon determined that to win yesterday’s Republican debate, all Fred Thompson had to do was “not throw up.” And though Thompson managed to clock a completely hurl-free performance, reviews from the pro blowhard class are mixed. By various accounts, Thompson was “uneven,” “shaky,” “flat,” and “dull,” assessments that will resonate especially with those who have only seen the clip of his opening answer (punctuated by a long, awkward pause, above) that was featured prominently on Drudge before the late-afternoon debate was even over. Knowing those bastards in the media, Thompson coverage over the next few days will center on his lackluster moments.

But there were some positive moments, too. And Radar is nothing if not eternally hopeful, sunny, and optimistic. In that spirit, Radar takes a quick look after the jump at what Thompson got right in his inaugural joust …

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