NYC Councilman Swoops in to Shuttle Foxy Brown to Freedom


Foxy Brown’s latest chapter, which began with a $20 manicure and turned into a parole-violating, solitary confinement odyssey, ended today. After eight months in prison, Foxy is free! Nail salon workers, beware!

Brown, born Inga Marchand, was sentenced to three years probation in October 2006, after she assaulted two nail techs. Then in 2007, after she chucked her BlackBerry at a neighbor (Naomi style!) and was stopped and gave a false identity info while driving out of state, a judge said she wasn’t taking her probation seriously and sentenced her to a year in Rikers Island. Inside, she got 76 days in isolation after getting in a shoving match with another inmate and refusing a drug test.

Today, however, she was chauffeured from the prison not by a bus that usually drops off inmates in a city parking lot but by New York City Councilman Charles Barron. He visited Brown in prison and went to bat for her when she claimed to be losing her hearing and was trying to get out of solitary. Barron’s office didn’t immediately return a message seeking comment. [TMZ]

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