Fox’s Respected “Citizen Journalist” Respected Only in the Jew-Hating Community

Martin (Photo: The Smoking Gun)

Yesterday, we were formally introduced to Andy Martin, the anti-Semitic “prodigious filer of lawsuits” who was the first man on record to incorrectly claim that Barack Obama is a Muslim. Now the Smoking Gun has gotten its hands on a fundraising letter Martin penned while making an unsuccessful bid for a congressional seat in Connecticut back in 1986. Martin is actually crazier-sounding than you’d think!

“Lest you think that the Jew threat is remote, or exists only in the Middle East, I can assure you that Jews are lurking in every city, or every street, in Connecticut, hoping to steal your home, your job,” he intones, before railing against “blood-sucking Jew doctors,” “Jew lawyers,” “Jew corporate raiders,” “Jew babies,” and the “so-called Holocaust” (which he claims was really just a way to kill guilty “Jew spies.”)

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