Brit Mag Calls Becks a Royal Clotheshorse

FOUL BALLER Becks (with Victoria)

Chav’s badge of honor: Glamour UK knights David Beckham with title: World’s Best-Dressed Man. Kevin Federline fires his agent.

Doherty cracks up: Moronic Pete Doherty goes on a bender, confuses trashy groupie Nadine Ruddy for world’s most famous supermodel.

The Russians are coming: Oligarchs, not content with their colonization of London’s Mayfair, take to buying England’s ancestral country piles.

Meeting of the Minds: Warning: mental image of crusty Brits Robbie Williams and Tara Palmer-
‘s booty calls may cause retinal scarring.

Office chatter: The Scotsman unveils a study of Britons’ work habits. The daily breakdown:

* 17.4 minutes making tea
* 18.6 minutes staring out a window
* 11.1 minutes making personal calls
* 35.5 minutes gossiping
* 13.7 minutes on loo breaks
* 54 minutes browsing the Internet

Photo: Splash News & Picture Agency

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