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Ex Senator Lookin’ For Love, Back Rubs


An average U.S. senator looking for a date doesn’t need to do much more than stroll on down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol Grille and take his pick from the cloud of obsequious Washington types and star-struck interns. But Dean Barkley isn’t your average former senator—he was appointed by former Minnesota Governor Jesse “the Body” Ventura to serve a short, two-month spell in the Senate back in 2002. Now fresh off a divorce and a stint running Kinky Friedman‘s run for governor in Texas, Barkley is trolling for companionship on, listing “erotica” as a turn-on and telling the ladies about his love for the “Beatles and Led Zeplin [sic].”

(Prospective mates should be prepared for a return to Washington, as Barkley is considering a run against holy-rolling freshman Rep. Michelle Bachman.)

Other ways the former senator puts his vibe out after the jump …

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