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New Reality Show Puts Dicks in a Box

BADD IDEA Color Me Badd

Color me oldd: VH1 is putting the lamest members of some of the lamest-ever boy bands—98 Degrees, Color Me Badd, LFO, and N*Sync—in a house to live together for a year.

Slap from queen popbitch: Madonna has had it up to here with pop twits who can’t differentiate between what’s sexy and what’s straight up skank-ho. Are you listening, Britney?

Potential lawsuit turns hirsute: Celebs are choosing sides in the Trump-Rosie-Barbara trashfest. Furry addict Robin Williams is the latest to weigh in.

Eau de dirrrty: Add Christina Aguilera to list of celebrities peddling perfume. Just a spritz’ll do before you pop into your local dive and saddle up to the bar to nurse a double Old Crow while waiting for a “benefactor” to come along.

Ain’t easy being greasy: For the totally icky new adventures of Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis‘s brother Jason, look no further.

What was controversial a few weeks ago…: Anthony Michael Hall decides to show some love for his “niggas” outside the Laugh Factory.

• <a href="http://www.eurweb.com/story/eur30801.cfm
” target=”_blank”>Doodie bubble bursts: Now that there’s no involvement from Whitney Houston, Bravo has canceled Being Bobby Brown due to poor ratings.