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Perez Caves to Copyright Suit


For all his flaws, bloggy celebrity matriarch Perez Hilton knows how to pick his slap fights. Last year, when paparazzi agency X17 plunked down a $7.5 million lawsuit against him for stealing their pictures, he fought back, asserting his rights to fair use and racking up gobs of press in the meantime. Perez (born Mario Lavandeira) fancies himself a defender of blogger’s rights, but it seems he realized he had a weak argument against the latest copyright lawsuit threatened against him.

Last week, Creative Age Publications, a publisher of spa and beauty magazines, claimed that Perez ripped off his site’s sparkly eye and fingernail logo from its Nailpro magazine. Instead of bitchily flipping the figurative finger in a blog screed, Perez promptly ceased and desisted, changing his logo to an animated cycle of cartoon renderings … of himself.

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