Facing A Lawsuit, Perez Clams Up

END OF AN ERA Perez and posse marked for justice

First, photo-lifting vanity blogger Perez Hilton got called out on the red carpet by a FilmMagic paparazzo, who accused him of swiping a pic, which appeared to involve a Tommy Lee man-kiss. Now, X17, one of the most popular celebrity photo agencies in the game, has Perez in its sights.

“I think we’re close to making a decision about how we’re going to handle Perez,” X17 V.P. Kelly Davis (the one Perez recently called a lying “cunt“) tells Radar. She also adds via e-mail that other photo agencies who’ve been burned by photo-driven celebrity blogs (and perezhilton.com in particular) are getting organized and getting even.

Even celebrity weeklies are lining up against Perez (real name: Mario Lavandeira), says Davis: “One of the head photo editors at a top weekly mag is helping to organize a class action lawsuit against Mario and, in fact, our competition called us yesterday to discuss this.”

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