The Financial Meltdown: It Was In the Stars


One remarkable aspect of the current financial crisis that most of our relevant experts—mainstream economists, captains of finance, lawmakers, regulators, journalists (ha!), ratings agencies, and so on—seem to have had no clue what the hell was going on until major financial institutions started blowing up. Nor do they seem particularly clued in even now. Witness that a Goldman Sachs honcho who helped make the mess, and in the process pocketed a half billion dollars while running under the handle “Mr. Risk,” is now in charge of the rescue efforts. We remain chin-deep in lunacy. So, given the poor performance of so many respectable disciplines, we decided to consult an expert from a field that is a bit more comfortable with craziness. Aurora Tower is a professional astrologer and a graduate of Brown University (where she created a study course entitled Ancient Babylonian Astrology) who blogs about spheres’ influence on pop culture. Plus, it’s pretty much guaranteed her perspective will be more useful than Alan Greenspan‘s.

The financial meltdown has occurred at an interesting time astrologically. In the current position of the planets, one can find clues about both the roots of the crisis and the road ahead:

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