Catching Up With Bert Fields

WHO ME? Bert Fields, Esquire

Bert Fields used to be the most feared lawyer in Hollywood, infamous for his threatening letters to journalists and anyone else who dared to cross his clients. But his employment of wiretap-happy P.I.-to-the-stars Anthony Pellicano continues to trail him like a bad stench. Last Friday, Trading Places producer Aaron Russo and his ex-wife, Heidi Gregg, became the most recent aggrieved parties to add Fields’ firm to a list of co-defendants in a civil lawsuit against Pellicano.

In their complaint, Russo and Gregg allege that Greenberg, Glusker was fully aware of Pellicano’s shenanigans (wiretapping phones, illegally running background checks) on behalf of Fields’ client Adam D. Sender, a hedge fund manager who was suing Russo and Gregg over a failed movie deal. The pair is seeking unspecified damages.

Back in March, producer Bo Zenga (Scary Movie, Soul Plane) also filed a motion to add Greenberg, Glusker to his own ongoing civil suit against Pellicano.

Anyone else feeling frisky?

Fields did not return a call for comment.

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