Stefani Mimics Her Own Gaudy Toy

DOLLED UP Gwen, in sequins (right)

Memo to anonymous sparkle stylist: Whoever put Gwen Stefani in sequined hotpants from the Chanel Spring/Summer 2007 collection in the new Elle needs to be slapped with those very hotpants. She’s not Christina Aguilera, for chrissakes.

• <a href="
” target=”_blank”>Gastro-politics: Feed the models. Don’t feed the models. The Council of Fashion Designers in America (CFDA) is said to be dedicated to resolving the “weight debate” in the industry. Cat-walker age has now been raised to 16, and the official press conference about the young model health regulations is scheduled for February 5.

Britney’s far-reaching style impact: Prada’s Spring/Summer 2007 ads unveiled last week in February magazines feature turbans, backpacks, and model Sasha Pivovarova‘s delightful up-skirt.

Style sleuth: If you ever wanted to find out where GQ‘s Glenn O’Brien, Adam Rapoport, and other assorted international fashion industry males do their laundry, repair their shoes, and cut their hair, well, now you can.

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