Getting Into Fashion Week: The Security Breach


Some say that to make it in New York City, all you need is a little ambition and a BlackBerry full of contacts. But during Fashion Week, a girl’s best friend should be Ty Yorio, the leader of the security team managing next week’s festivities. A Cerberus for the tents, Yorio is the man you’ve got to butter up if you, the credential-less, want to make your way past the gates. Besides being dashing and sharp (he used to be a New York City Detective! Hot!), Yorio is also a no-nonsense kind of dude. Leave your chocolates and roses at home, ladies. Following up on Part I of our series How to Get Into Fashion Week, here’s a short Q&A with the tight-lipped sentinel to offer some insight on how you might—or might not—sweet talk your way into a show:

Radar: Gimme those stats, baby.
Yorio: 62/M/Leo

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