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Fashion Week: The Loiterers


Never mind what goes on inside the Fashion Week tents, it’s making your way in and out that will truly send you reeling. Forgetting for a minute the fact that if you’re dressed in anything other than jeans and a T-shirt you will besieged by international street-style photographers, there is also the matter of the the gawking street loiterers camped at the gates to contend with. Chances are, you’ll awesomely be mistaken for someone famous.

“Lucy Liu!” one girl yelled at me after the Anna Sui show (which is true, I guess—we are both Asian and small), just before screaming over my shoulder to exclaim “Britney Spears” at a portly blonde woman in a sparkly tank top and low slung jeans who was speaking into her cell phone in a heavy Jersey accent. Obviously, the scene’s more a sport than it is to others.

Several, of course, are just looky-loos who don’t have a clue—and don’t care to.