Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? What If I Bring My Dad?

TAKE YOUR FATHER TO WORK DAY Kim Stewart drags pop along

If you’re going to trade on your famous father’s name, you’d better be prepared to produce his body, too.

Trying to score an invitation to the Marc Jacobs show at the Armory last night, well-born wastrel Kimberly Stewart assumed her last name would do the trick. She was wrong.

The publicist at KCD responsible for the event initially negged Stewart, according to a well-placed source. “They weren’t going to let her come. They think she’s lame.” In the end, we’re told, Stewart had to promise to bring her rock-legend dad. (The publicist in question tells it slightly differently: “I did call to clarify that they were both coming, because it affects seating,” she says. “But we didn’t make a choice that she couldn’t come, but then that she could.”)

[After the jump, more photos from the show and scenes from the after-party!]


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