Fashion Meets Finance

CHASING THE DREAM Fashion Gals (Photo: Neel Shah)

Last night, at the two-story Flatiron District club Taj, about 120 twentysomething men and women participated in a little vanity exercise called “Fashion Meets Finance.” (Click here to view our photogallery.) It was exactly what the name implied: from 5:30 p.m. until approximately 9:30 p.m., men who held jobs in the financial services industry were invited to come and mingle with women who worked in the fashion industry. It went as you’d expect—guys we talked to were fond of discussing the “talent” in the room; the second question out of most of the girls’ mouths was invariably “Where do you work?”—but conversations we had with two of the participants in particular summed up the affair, as well as the State of Gender Relations in Manhattan, better than we could ever hope to. So we’ll let their words do most of the talking.

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