Fashion Folks More Annoying than B&T-ers, But Just Barely


What’s the more obnoxious nightclub crowd: Bridge & Tunnel trash or fashion poseurs? put the question to Manhattan’s bouncers as they grapple with the hordes of achingly hip party-goers who’ve descended on New York’s hotspots for Fashion Week. In a bit of a shocker, it seems most doorman would rather deal with Guidos from New Jersey than cloying fashionistas. “You’ll get a whole lot more attitude from fashion folks,” a guy named Tony Montana (seriously) from Plumm says. “But I think that mostly comes from their desire to be noticed.” (Montana’s go-to pacifying move? “Even if [a girl’s style] is horrible, you tell the girl she is wearing an ‘interesting’ dress.”)

A bouncer from Room Service agrees. “People coming from fashion shows are like, ‘I’m this model’ or ‘I’m this photographer.’ But I have to tell them, ‘Hey, sorry, my subscription to Vogue ran out last month. Now get back on line.'”

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