Fallout Boy Pete Wentz Rocks ‘Guyliner’

• Hot on the heels of his East Village bar opening (where he had to scrape his Rockette girlfriend off the floor), Fallout Boy Pete Wentz releases this classic instructional video for People mag’s website—a “guyliner” how-to, of sorts. Witness as Wentz gets emo about wearing makeup (“Sometimes I just decide not to wear eyeliner, and then it bothers people when I don’t, and it bothers people when I do. I never liked being that kind of person!”) and teaches tortured boys everywhere the subtle art of dragging a Wet n’ Wild kohl stick across your face.

Fug your frames: Apparently, teenage girls in the UK are clamoring for the pair of red plastic glasses America Ferrera wears on Ugly Betty. Somewhere, a prop guy laughs heartily.

Gunn aufs the gays: Project Runway guru Tim Gunn will debut a new makeover show on Bravo this summer, officially replacing Queer Eye For the Straight Guy‘s longstanding time slot.

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