Rudy Daughter No Daddy’s Girl

FACED Caroline’s former Facebook entry
Rudy Giuliani‘s lousy relationship with his kids is looking more and more like a serious political liability.

In the latest embarrassment, Caroline Giuliani, the former mayor and Republican presidential hopeful’s daughter by ex-wife Donna Hanover, was caught plumping for Democrat Barack Obama on her Facebook page. She has since pulled the endorsement (though not her membership in the “Itty Bitty Titty Committee” group or her desire to engage in “random play”).

It’s not the first time Caroline has rebuffed her dad semi-publicly, sources tell Radar. In late spring, she delivered a speech during a chapel session at her private school, Trinity, about her personal struggle with an eating disorder. The Harvard-bound teenager thanked teachers, friends, and virtually every member of her family for helping her cope. But she conspicuously avoided thanking Rudy, who, say sources, hardly visited her in the hospital where she was receiving treatment. A Giuliani spokeswoman has not yet responded to a query.

Then, of course, there’s son Andrew, who spent months not speaking to his father and said he will not appear with him on the campaign trail.

[Closeup of Caroline’s Facebook message after the jump!]

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