Experts Offer Crisis Advice to Britney Spears

WIGGIN’ Spears

Though it falls in line somewhere behind mystery addiction, child custody, divorce, body art, and hair maintenance, Britney Spears clearly has a PR problem. While she handles higher priorities and cools her heels in rehab, Radar tackles Spears’s press issues with sound crisis-publicity advice from proven pros in the field: power girl Lizzie Grubman, owner of Lizzie Grubman PR; Ronn Torossian, the scrappy head of 5WPR; and Matthew Traub, managing director of Dan Klores Communications. As she checked in, then out, then in again, most experts agreed that Spears should stay in rehab for more than 24 hours (at press time, she has). But that’s just the beginning. More bitter medicine from Radar‘s Public Relations Emergency Room after the jump …

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