Calling Dibs on Hillary’s Demise


Last week, Politico scored some serious page-views by asserting that Hillary Clinton is pretty much finished. But one pundit is calling out the Internet rag for making a big fuss out of a not-very-bold contention. Atlantic political blogger Marc Ambinder complains of last week’s Hillary-is-toast story that “the authors present it as a novel, even brave, conclusion. It’s not.” Ambinder cites many other news sources, including his own blog, that have been saying essentially the same thing for some time now, and further notes that Politico (which has quickly come to embody the ESPN-ization of politics) is one of the biggest perpetrators of the kind of horse-race political coverage that their ballyhooed story blames for overstating the closeness of the Obama-Clinton race.

Ambinder suggests that reporters would do better to study the real cause of Obama’s probable win: “Because his campaign planned to contest the caucuses early, they pulled together a coalition that does well at caucus meetings, and the Clinton campaign arrogantly assumed it could win the nomination without worrying about the small stuff (or states).” We’ll get on that as soon as we’re done covering the all-important political nerd fights caused by Hillary’s refusal to quit.

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