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Cowboy Saudi Shops His $135M Ranch

HALA ATCHA BOY Bandar’s $135 million Hala Ranch

Even billionaire oil baron Bush buddies have budgets. But when Saudi Prince Bandar put Hala Ranch, his 95-acre spread just outside of Aspen, on the market for $135 million, there were audible gasps heard ’round the real estate world.

Bandar only visited the fully staffed property about three times a year—less after 9/11—and always brought along a huge retinue of assistants and a virtual army of security. His decision to sell must have involved massive upkeep costs.

It’s a colossal 56,000 square feet and has 15 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms in the main house alone (larger than White House), with more in common with a Hyatt Hotel than a private residence. The lobby-like living room has enough seating for the entire royal family to warm their tootsies by the fire. The master suite, which occupies a wing of its own, includes a beauty parlor and a barbershop where the host and hostess can be primped, plucked, and rubbed until they forget their staggering property tax bill.

The self-sufficient fortress has its own water treatment plant, a mechanical shop, a car wash, and, of course, a gas pump. On the fun side, there’s an indoor swimming pool and racquetball court, a tennis court, heated horse barns, and a stocked pond for fishing.

Simply put, it makes Bush’s Crawford Ranch look like Green Acres.

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