Fancy French Chef Promises That His Fish Won’t Make You Crap Your Pants


This morning New York City dining blog Eater took note of our story on butterfish—the consumption of which has proven to have unfortunate side effects for some diners—and mentioned that the colon-disturbing morsel was served at Le Bernadin, one of that city’s finest restaurants (“Four Stars”—New York Times). Quicker than you can say “amuse-bouche” (particularly if you’re anything like us, with our laughable French pronunciation skills), head chef/seafood golden god Eric Ripert responded, claiming that the fish’s Dockers-destroying properties were “more akin to say, an allergic reaction versus something that is coming about due to environmental issues,” and observing that “at Le Bernardin it’s served as an appetizer so it’s not a concern since the portion size is limited.” We asked A.J. Daulerio, the article’s author, to address these points. A.J.?

“My issue is not with the portions, it’s with what the fish does to you. And your pants. I don’t think it can be likened to an allergic reaction because there seem to be —as you know as well—way too many adverse reactions to this fish. I’m sure Eric Ripert serves his escolar in such a way that it doesn’t make people shit orange oil. He’s good like that.”

Et voilà.

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