Eric Montross Back in the Picture!

LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR Edwards, Montross (l.), Hunter (r.)

A little while ago, we floated an admittedly crazy theory that former NBA player, UNC alum, and John Edwards supporter Eric Montross not only owned the Chapel Hill house Rielle Hunter was reportedly staying in after Edwards knocked her up, but also that Montross might have been the mystery man paying off both Hunter and professed baby daddy Andrew Young. Montross vehemently denied having anything to do with anyone involved in the scandal (“I am 100 percent detached,” he said), and soon after Texas lawyer Fred Baron was outed as the money man, and we assumed that was that. But it turns out Montross isn’t totally insulated from the whole scandal: the Raleigh Telegram is now reporting that Montross rented a house he owned in the exclusive Governor’s Club development to none other than Andrew Young—and that the house was just a few blocks away from a home Hunter herself was living in.

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