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Emmys Have Few Oddities


Oooh, Emmy noms! Way out with the grasping ladies of Desperate Housewives, in with every guest star (and everyone else) to ever appear on 30 Rock. The campaigns for nominations for nearly every guest on the beloved and not highly rated comedy seemed perhaps overly intense! But it clearly worked. (Though they skipped on Matthew Broderick, at least they nominated Rip Torn.) Pushed in every applicable category, Battlestar Galactica got totally shut out from the major awards, relegated to such categories as “Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series,” and, as last year, “Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series.” Good grief! That is untoward. Particularly thrilling Emmy nom: Diahann Carroll for her guesting on Grey’s Anatomy! It’s DIAHANN CARROLL, people! Most competitive and hard-to-predict races: Baldwin v. Carell for best actor in comedy, Field v. Close in drama, and the intra-HBO battle of Recount v. Bernard and Doris in multiple categories. And the only clear shoo-ins: John Adams, Laura Dern.