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Casting “Exposed: Blog-Post Confidential”


By now, you have all no doubt read the story about a certain blogger who took to the august pages of the New York Times Magazine to pen an 8,000 word memoir of the time she dated a certain other blogger when they both worked at a certain Manhattan gossip website. We have no insight to add beyond what can be found here and in the 654 and counting comments that have already accrued at the Times‘ website. Given the inordinate amount of attention the story has garnered (attention which, at least by the admittedly shallow rubric of “buzz,” seems to validate the decision by the Times magazine editors to give the story the cover), we’d bet some enterprising Hollywood agent is on the phone right now attempting to procure the movie rights. You’ve Got Mail for the millennial set: how could it miss?!

To help the casting directors out, we’ve gone ahead and assigned the principal roles already:

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