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Radar Exclusive! Emily Gould Book Proposal!


Hot hot hot publishing news! Former Gawker editor (and occasional Radar contributor) Emily Gould, of recent New York Times Magazine fame, has a book proposal making the rounds. It’s been a lust object for her former employer Nick Denton, but today it leaked elsewhere: to New York, in fact. So, how does And the Heart Says, “Whatever” look?

We’ll just tell you that it’s a first-person “assortment of semi-cautionary tales,” in the manner of Sloane Crosely (her description), organized by Emily’s tattoos, and that while, Gould says, most of the stories “will have nothing to do with blogs or blog-fame’s weirdness,” about “60,000-65,000 words feels about right for the material.

New York then features a scanned excerpt from the proposal, which you can read here. While we congratulate them on their scoop, we want it noted that we also received the proposal. Our excerpt, which comes from the section in which Gould discusses her time at Gawker, follows.