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Give Up the Ellie or the Puppy Gets It

HATES PUPPIES Granger, Ellie (inset)

Most movie lovers know what the Oscars are. Most magazine readers, on the other hand, have probably never heard of the Ellies—but that doesn’t mean the editors who vie for them care any less about winning.

On the eve of the National Magazine Awards, as they’re formally known—”Ellies” refers to the elephant-shaped statuettes given to winners—Radar set out to discover just who cares the most. Below, the results of our carefully-worded survey, administered at a pre-awards gathering for nominees.

Cindi Leive, editor in chief, Glamour
RADAR: Would you sacrifice a puppy to win tomorrow?
A puppy? [Makes sad face.] No!
How about a pigeon?
[Thinks.] This pigeon thing … I would have to wrestle with my conscience over that.
We’ll take that as a yes.

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