Elle’s “Beat the Recession” Tricks


Okay, the recession may not affect celeb-y types the same way as it does the rest of us, but that doesn’t mean they’re not trying to get into the spirit of things. For its August issue, Elle canvassed a few well known people and asked how they’re beating the crunch. Should economic woes keep him from blogging full time, Perez Hilton reassures us he’d “go into fashion design full-time.” Bill O’Reilly, frighteningly, says he’d fall back on his former profession and teach “high school history and English.” He’s also saving money by driving 15% less. Jean Chatsky, NBC’s perky financial editor, says she’s switched from skim lattes at Starbucks to mistos, saving her a grande $1.50. Oh, and CNBC’s frenetic money man, Jim Cramer? He says he’s buying his clothes at Wal-Mart and eating at Chili’s, just like he’s always done.

Kind of sweet, isn’t it?

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