Ellen Lands on Celeb Mag Radar

ELLEN A HANDBASKET (Photo: Getty Images)
Housewives and waiters everywhere got a front-row seat to chatty girl Ellen DeGeneres‘s on-air meltdown on October 16. Normally the dancing talk-show hostess and partner Portia fly just below the tabloid radar, even with their media-approved hot lezzer status. But this week their doggie disaster—giving an adopted Brussels Griffon Terrier to Ellen’s hairstylist’s kid and thus breaking their adoption contract with Moms and Mutts—garners the galpals quite a bit of glossy ink.

Life & Style takes the furry cuddly route, quoting Ellen’s publicist about the talk-show host’s dedication to animals. “Ellen has rescued animals her whole life and finds them good homes, blah, blah, blah.”

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