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Eliot Spitzer: “I Just Can’t Get Enough”

SLAVE TO LOVE Silda, Eliot, Ashley (inset) (Photo: Getty Images, Myspace (Ashley))

As former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer retreats with his family to his upstate home for a little soul-searching, spouse-berating, and door-slamming, his friends are dishing to the New York Post that the whore-frequenter’s next move will be the obvious one: treatment for his “addiction to sex”. Or, to put it more accurately, “his addiction to sex with hookers.” We’ve all seen Silda: she’s not unhot. She’s smart, has good hair, etc. His “addiction” could well have been served by the wife that loves (loved?) him, right? Or, better, been sated a lá a modified McGreevey maneuver? Anyway, the gesture is a transparent move down what will likely be a long road to mental, matrimonial, and, possibly, criminal healing.