Second Afghani Army Supplier Looking for MySpace Love?

TOTAL BRO-KER Diveroli? (Photo: MySpace)

Another one of the twentysomething dealers of bunk bullets to the Afghani Army featured in yesterday’s whopper of a <a href="
” target=”_blank”>New York Times story seems to have cropped up on MySpace. Yesterday, Radar reported on what appears to be the online profile of David M. Packouz. Say hello to his little friend, Efraim Diveroli. Or someone playing him on the web, claiming to be a big fan of Heat, Blow, and Scarface.

Then again, what 22-year-old with a $300 million military contract and a scrap heap full of used cold war bullets and bombs isn’t?

The page hasn’t been maintained since October 29, 2005, but in his blurbs, the man who seems to be Diveroli offers another side of his personality, one you just don’t get from all of the reporting on his fraudulent arms dealing and restraining order. He writes …

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