Kelsey Smith Murder Suspect’s MySpace Page


Someone’s murdered. Someone’s arrested. Someone tries to find the creep on MySpace. Such is the trajectory of a modern American crime. In the latest edition of this drama, blogger Just Cara tracks down the MySpace page of Edwin R. Hall, the 26-year-old Missouri man accused of murdering 18-year-old Kelsey Smith. And as is always the case, Hall’s profile is a revealing look into the mind of a man accused of being a sociopath.

Referring to himself only as Jack, Hall claims to be a “Sweet Troubled Soul.” He’s into painting, reading, and fast cars and would very much like to meet Ghandi (though it’s not because the revered leader is just plain awesome—it’s so Jack will “seem interesting and ‘with it’.”) However, the two particularly fascinating interests that stand out are “eating small children and harming small animals.” But even Jack is not without his wholesome heroes: “Batman and my dad (The bastard).”

Larger screen grab of Hall’s now-defunct MySpace page after the jump!

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