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Ed Westwick is Multifaceted!


Have you ever noticed that sleazy Brit Ed Westwick, the method actor behind Gossip Girl‘s sleazy WASP Chuck Bass, always seems to be making the same face in photos? Not “Gayface,” á la Zac Ephron; Westwick’s look is more calculating, in the vein of Blue Steel. The New York Observer describes it thusly: “The minute he steps in front of photographers, Mr. Westwick skillfully relaxes his eyelids as if he just smoked a doobie (we’re old, sorry), tilts his head sort of down and to the side, and proceeds to flex his nostrils as if mid-yawn and, voilá!”

New York magazine, however, disagrees, pointing out that Westwick “has many faces.” They even provide photo documentation to prove this!

Our verdict: Westwick sometimes mugs for the camera, but also sometimes doesn’t!