Huckabee Capt. Ed Rollins Rips Lee Atwater Anew

Ed Rollins, uncut: In an evocative interview featured in the forthcoming Boogie Man, a doc about Republican consultant Lee Atwater, current Mike Huckabee campaign chair Ed Rollins rips the Darth Vader conservative a fresh one, dishing in trademark invective about their age-old spats and eventual reconciliation.

I Tumblr 4 Ya: Twenty-one-year-old David Karp, with his svelte little application Tumblr, won’t sell your private details to big corporations or show your boss that picture of you spilling a Cosmo all over yourself. Unless you want him to.

Unholy Matrimony: Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds have divorced just two weeks after their fairytale wedding on the magical island of Bora Bora.

Spiritual healing: In an attempt to make things right again, Amy Winehouse hopes to record an album of Jewish holiday tunes, which would be the perfect soundtrack to every Manischewitz-soaked Channukah house party.

Cruising Tom’s church: Montreal-based guerrilla investigator Ian Halperin, in Hollywood Undercover, poses as closeted Israeli gay royalty in a bid to woo Tom Cruise‘s precious Church of Scientolology.

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