Dubious Texts May Prove Rotem May Have Knocked up Britney Spears

100 PERCENT TRUE! (ALLEGEDLY) ‘Jr’ Rotem texts (Photo: Elevation for In Touch)
In Touch seems to be covering its bases after a close confidant of Britney Spears supposedly texted radio host/American Idol talking head Ryan Seacrest to refute the gossip rag’s claim that she’s preggo again. “It’s B.S. I don’t know who made it up. J.R. doesn’t even know what’s up,” the Spears pal wrote. Luckily, a staffer at the magazine had the foresight to save the digital correspondence with Mr. Rotem and post it online! Or at least had the foresight to save someone in his or her phone as a “Jr Rotem” and pretend the texts were actually written by him to maintain the crumbling facade! Because if a tabloid claims something as gospel and has the proof to back it up, it must be so.

More incriminating texts, after the jump.

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