Drummer Denies He’s Gay-Dissing Donnie Davies

JOHN BOTTOM? Starck, Davies (inset)

It’s looking more and more like “Donnie Davies,” the singer behind gay-hating sing-along “The Bible Says,” is a hoax. But one real-life musician accused of perpetrating it insists he’s innocent.

Yesterday, Good As You, an anti-discrimination website, made the case that Davies is actually a member of Chicago-area band Bobby Conn and the Glass Gypsies, listed as a “gay band” on the Love God’s Way website. While Good As You didn’t actually name the band member, a little digging revealed him to be drummer Colby Starck.

The only problem: Starck tells Radar he’s not the hoaxer. “While I’m getting a kick out of the hoopla, I’m not Donnie Davies,” he says. In fact, he adds, the photos in which he looks like Davies are several years old; Starck has since lost weight and shaved his mustache. “I’m not as fat as he is, but it’s really the love that I have in my heart for homosexuals that distinguishes us,” he says.

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